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Ice Cream at home

How to preserve ice cream at home

Our wrappings for take-away ice cream are made by thermal boxes which allow more than a hour long transport and make freezed preservation possible for a few days.

  • In the domestic freezer ice cream has to be preserved in the appropriate vessel with the lid perfectly shut;
  • The ideal life for an ice cream to mantain all its qualities is a week or so;
  • To enjoy a soft ice cream, put the closed box in the fridge about 20 minutes before serving it.;
  • Put the glass, steel or pottery cups in the freezer for about 5 minutes just before offering the ice cream.;
  • To perfectly share the ice cream, use a spoon dipped in lukewarm water, taking out the needed amount and putting the remaining ice cream in the freezer.;
  • Never freeze melted ice cream again.

For the ones who own ventilation freezers:

  • Set the freezer room's temperature at -14 C.
  • Ice cream will be soft and ready to offer.


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