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About Us

In Sorrento, right at the heart of the amazing Land of the Syrens, there's a place where delicacy found home. Grant yourself the pleasure of a walk through the city centre, and come visit the Bougainvillea Bar, Ice Cream Parlour, Pastry Shop and Gastronomy.

Thanks to Vincenzo and Rosa Cioffi's passion, since 1970 the Bougainvillea has been a favourite and essential destination for everyone who stays Sorrento.
A "sweet"souvenir not to miss!

Each one of our products is daily handmade with high quality raw material, selected by Nino and Gianluca Cioffi, and processed in respect of the recent CE law named HACCP (Hazar Analysis and Critical Control Pointes), an effective program of prevention on the hygienic emergency of the various working phases to which our shop, by now for a long time, sticks to.

We are waiting for you!!