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Quality Policy

"Bougainvillea" is a company created as a laboratory for ice cream and developed, thanks to the success encountered by customers, even as bar and restaurant, and is now able to supply products of various types, all characterized with high quality.
The company is now one of the leading public places of Sorrento, and is able to meet the needs of international customers, but also provide products for people with allergies or food intolerance, with the production of gluten-free ice cream, without milk, etc..
"Bougainvillea" research and highlights the typical local products and thus provides room for the ice cream flavors and aromas of local fruit, pastry has a daily mind-typical local cakes and the restaurant presents a revised, all the dishes.
The Company has developed and applies a Quality Management System complies with regulatory requirements and ISO 9001.: 2008. Locate in customer satisfaction the key to business success.
It considers the following strategic aspects:

  • the focus on innovation and control of processes and organization,
  • the cascading of the principle of delegation, as a crucial element of accountability.
A special effort is devoted to improving the motivation of staff in the pursuit of policies. This involvement is sought through training on the quality and the most critical aspects of food safety. The Company believes that only through cooperation at all levels will benefit the most from the fruits of their programs.

The quality objectives are determined annually and are consistent with this policy and for improving the efficiency of the QMS. The objectives are measurable through indicators of process and product.
The achievement of the objectives is assigned to company personnel who are ensured the provision of necessary resources. The achievement of the objectives is reviewed regularly by staff independent of the activities involved.
All business processes and products must tender to excellence.

26 Marzo, 2011

Gianluca Cioffi

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