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Ice Cream, a complete food

Italy is worldwide represented by many alimentary products. Italian cooking is synonymous of delicacy, quality and certainty in the result. Surely Ice Cream has the right qualification to be evaluated in this very point of view.

Typical Italian Product, handmade Ice Cream is a cocktail of fresh flavours, which is not only a plesure to enjoy, but also a precious food to better know to properly appreciate its qualities.

Fresh IceCream is to buy right where it's made; because, differently from the industrial one, it doesn't go through a "freezing chain", i.e. the product is not freezed in phases, so that the taste can be immediatly enojoyed in all of its creams and fruit soft fragrance, and palate and gustative papillae are not "anesthetized" by the freezing effects.

A particular: industrial ice cream, when is fresh is 6 months old; our ice cream, when it's old, is a day old. Is there a difference in the product's freshness?

Ice Cream has to be freed from the reductive role of plain dessert to be considered in the proper way: a commitment that still goes on nowadays, with a strong respect for its work and clients.

By now doctors suggest an ice-cream based lunch for diets, for it's correctly considered a complete food.


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